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The Program focuses on big data, the Internet of things (IoT), and automation engineering with a stellar cast of specialists recruited from different fields, including electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, communication engineering, information management, mechanical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, financial and computational mathematics, and civil and ecological engineering. With the professional knowledge and research opportunities we offer, we look forward to making contributions to Industry 4.0 and the vertical integration of automation control, helping Taiwan with the cultivation of specialists in intelligent systems and automation engineering. In terms of industry-university collaboration, we will put the emphasis on e-commerce, biomedical sciences, information engineering, and traditional industries. Furthermore, we plan to provide students with internship opportunities in multinational corporations in order to train technicians and specialists demanded by industries. We will also grant faculty members and students subsidies for going abroad and conducting research projects with other countries, such as the members of the ASEAN and India, in the hopes of developing specialists and promoting regional economic development.


The courses of the Program are taught in English only, and students can not only acquire the professional expertise in intelligent automation control technology but improve their independent research and analytical skills with our curriculum, where theory and practice are equally emphasized. As domestic industries are promoting the application of smart automation, control theory and engineering have become more important than ever. Therefore, we introduce mechanical and control theories, microcomputers, and sensing systems into the curriculum so as to cultivate modern engineers specializing in intelligent systems and automation engineering. The faculty members of the Program are recruited from the ten departments under the College of Science &Engineering and the College of Electrical &Information Engineering.


1.Further Education: Graduates may pursue further education in domestic or foreign universities in the field of electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, communication engineering, information management, mechanical engineering, civil and ecological engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, optoelectronics, energy engineering, etc.

2.Employment: With the rise of precision machinery and intelligent production, related corporations are recruiting specialists in automation control technology, including Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd., Pegatron Corporation, Quanta Computer Incorporated, Innolux Corporation, Delta Electronics Inc., Advantech Co., Ltd., HIWIN Technologies Corp.,and Pou Chen Group, and a solid foundation for the development of automation industry is, therefore, built. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for our graduates to secure employment.

International Program on Intelligent Systems and Automation Engineering
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